BOP Real Time Monitoring: Project Examples

Over 50,000 hours of BOP monitoring experience

Major Operator E&P, Diamond Offshore and Gulf of Mexico Operations

Project Example 1: Major Operator E&P

The SMEs at the RTM desk were able to locate a pinhole in a pilot line on the PODs that was not detected onboard. This alleviated the Client from having to notify the relevant authorities of a leak, in addition to potential downtime. Additionally, for the same Client on another occasion the system detected a leak, and troubleshooting it was found to be a faulty pressure sensor and drilling could be continued.


Project Example 2: Diamond Offshore

In collaboration with Diamond Offshore and their MPD vendor, MR Deepwater Subsea have built and deployed custom RTM displays for the MPD systems utilised on Diamond’s vessels. This has allowed Diamond Offshore and their vendors to monitor their MPD systems for optimum performance, improved troubleshooting, and predictive maintenance.


Project Example 3: Gulf of Mexico Operations

In the Gulf of Mexico in 2021, we were able to prove to several parties, using our RTM data, that it was safe to continue drilling after leaks were found on the BOP control system (in seven different cases). At an average cost of USD 3 million per stack pull, this equated to a saving of at least USD 21 million. What’s more, leaks were still found on the control system utilising our systems, following completion of a soak down test to the stack.


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