Rig Acceptance Services

"Ready to Drill" Inspections

Rig inspections and testing of critical equipment, as per client standards, to ensure the equipment has been maintained and operated within the required OEM parameters therefore reducing the risk of equipment breakdown during any upcoming program.

When planning a drilling campaign, the following process regarding rig selection is often followed.

  1. Writing Rig Requirements
  2. Tendering
  3. Pre-Bid Activities
  4. Selection Activities
  5. Final Inspection & Acceptance

ModuSpec can support the requirement phase to ensure areas such as; length of contract, well program, necessary rig capabilities and partners/contractors/3rd parties possibly involved amongst other items. The tender evaluation document submitted to all drilling contractors should be a fixed template, so all rigs and contractors can be measured on the same information and ModuSpec can assist  to create  rig tender packages.

The Pre-Bid phase will allow for ModuSpec rig inspections to be performed whereby verification of bid criteria takes place. All pre-bid deficiencies are recorded against pre-agreed responses and  decisions can be made as to whether the contractor can receive approval to bid. The results from the pre-bid will provide an overview of the trends and provide a deeper analysis that will enable effective decisions to be made when rig selection is required. 

Utilising the ModuSpec pre-bid inspection templates as described above, ModuSpec can assist creating a streamlined method for deciding which rig is most suitable.

The final acceptance phase is the conclusion of the whole process and will consist of a ‘Ready to Drill’ survey. The ‘ready to drill’ service (final rig acceptance) consists of:

  • Document review
  • (full) Condition Survey
  • Ready to Drill Integration Test (RDIT)

ModuSpec can fullfill all or parts of the full rig acceptance process and can support in any drilling rig intake process either as an independent 3rd party.