Preservation & Stacking

Reduce costs while still maintaining the rig ready for efficient reactivation

ModuSpec can assist in various stages of preservation and stacking of land- or floating rigs. It will provide maintenance and stacking planning services as well as implementation and validation of a stacking & preservation plan.

ModuSpec can facilitate a preservation and stacking scope of work as follows:

  • Provide a technical review of the clients maintenance / stacking plan
  • Assist the client with implementation of stacking plan
  • Validate the Implementation Program 
  • Assist the client with reactivation where required

ModuSpec will ensure that the stacking plan / maintenance plan for the scheduled stack period (warm- or cold stack) is sufficient to protect and maintain the equipment as per OEM recommendations and industry expectations.

The implementation of any maintenance and relevant actions and intervals will be clearly defined and documented in a stacking plan log book. The log book captures the complete plan, implementation and validation of the plan. The log book can then be used as independently verified evidence the stacking plan has been performed as per agreed schedule and in line with OEM and industry expectations.

The stacking plan implementation can be assisted by ModuSpec employees. 

The validation of the stacking / maintenance plan can be provided through periodical visits to ensure all equipment is maintained and operated as per agreed stacking plan. The stacking plan log book will be updated after each visit and will be attached with the final report showing clear evidence the plan has been designed, implemented and verified as per OEM and Industry expectations.

Reactivation is a key part of any stacking plan, not just to ensure the equipment is running correctly, but proactively planning for the reactivation stage can increase efficiencies.

ModuSpec senior surveyor will assist the client teams to create and document a suitable plan for reactivation of the rig. The reactivation will include an tests to ensure all systems are functional and the rig is ready to drill.