Rig Condition Surveys

Pre-hire-, selection- or full condition surveys

Full condition and performance reviews of rig critical equipment aim assess the condition and verify systems are in place prior to taking a rig on contract as well as identifying potentials risks and hazards that may impact personnel, environment or drilling performance.

For a condition survey, ModuSpec meets with the client representative and the senior crew members to ensure an efficient plan is created to gain the most value from the time allotted to conduct the inspection.

Items that will be discussed are:

  • Analysis of equipment condition and standards of maintenance in accordance with API standards.
  • Detailed examination of all major items.
  • Function testing, pressure testing, load testing and insulation resistance checks for all critical equipment on board the drilling unit.
  • Check that the proper safety devices are installed and working correctly to prevent accidents and equipment failures.
  • Efficiency and effect of the preventive maintenance system assessment

The condition survey may include but is not limited to:

  • Drilling equipment
  • Mud systems
  • BOP and well control equipment
  • Electrical equipment and systems
  • Power plant
  • Safety equipment
  • Maintenance system
  • Spare parts

Visual check and surveys will cover the following:

  • Overall structural visual inspection, and highlights of damages, excessive corrosion,
  • wears, etc…
  • Inspection of living quarter and all related utilities
  • Machinery room, generators, electrical room, and all related ESD, E&I systems
  • Drilling set conditions and inventory of available equipment and systems along with their current conditions whilst checking conformance with the proposed ones
  • Maintenance records for the whole unit

Surveys on Jack-up, Drillship or Semi-Submersibles will also include, but not limited to:

  • Marine equipment (Zero discharge)
  • Jack up legs, and jacking system
  • Overall marine condition and compliance to MODU code requirement
  • Class status and overdue actions
  • DP Systems
  • Hull, decks, void spaces, ballasts, tanks etc
  • Etc.