Rig Re-activation

Re-activating stacked rigs efficiently

ModuSpec experienced project managers, fully conversant with reactivation of rigs from stacked condition can manage and oversee the reactivation process from initial planning stage through to final 'ready to drill integration testing of the rig to ensure it is in a ‘Ready to Drill’ condition.

This initial phase of the project consists of reviewing documentation available to establish quality of documentation and traceability:
1.    Outstanding recommendations from previous inspections
2.    Stacking and Maintenance data (if available)
3.    Major overhaul data (if available)
4.    Rig Upgrade data/(Ship)yard works data
5.    Downtime data (previous wells – if available)

The objective of the Documentation Review will be to form an opinion of the general condition and upkeep of the equipment which will be validated with a condition survey on the asset at a later date.

The second phase will set the solid foundation required to ensure all the objectives can be met, enabling the rig to be ‘ready to Drill’ for any upcoming drilling program. The ModuSpec team will visit the asset and carry out an inspection to gauge the current condition of the rig. The deliverables from this phase will then drive the creation of the reactivation plan. 

In the third phase of the project, a the detailed reactivation plan will be established and include the following;

  1. Criticality rating for systems and Equipment
  2. Sequence of reactivation
  3. Dependency checklist – equipment and systems
  4. Upgrade/Refurbishment plan
  5. Pre-commissioning criteria
  6. Commissioning plan
  7. Class requirement checklist

The main aim of the ModuSpec team in this phase, is to utilise the vast experience available to assist the drilling contractor and their team. ModuSpec surveyors are noted for their experience and leadership skills and can lead when and where required. The value is created with the efficient transfer of knowledge and skills to ensure the rig is reactivated as efficiently as possible.

The fourth phase will entail the process and plan for moving forward for the rig reactivation and start-up. During the rig reactivation, ModuSpec will provide technical assistance and pro-actively manage the project either in full or as per client instructions. 

All reactivation and technical support will be conducted in accordance with appropriate industry standards and regulations.