Well Control Equipment API Std 53 Compliance

Compliance & Safety

A BOP / Well Control equipment assessment to highlight any items of non-compliance with regards to API Standard 53 prior to operations.

The API Standard 53 compliance assessment can be carried out in parallel a BOP Inspection, and the BOP inspection report will contain two sections:

  • Well-Control Equipment Report
  • API Standard 53 Compliance report – with non-compliance Findings

The BOP scope will include the following:

  • Determination of status of any outstanding recommendations (previous inspections)
  • Verification of NDT - MPI inspection records
  • Inspection of drape and flex hoses - hose management system
  • Inspection and function test of BOP handling system
  • Visual inspection annular BOPs - to look for key seating wear
  • Visual inspection ram type BOPs - to review dimensional checks on the cavities and the rams
  • Inspection of BOP mounted choke and kill valves
  • Operator chamber tests - pressure and function testing
  • Check for key seating wear
  • BOP stack general condition inspection and tests
  • Accumulator pre-charge pressures, all systems. API 16D accumulator volume calculations performed/verified by main office.
  • Review of BOP controls system plumbing
  • Spare parts inventory 
  • Planned PMS / BOP Logbook
  • BOP and related equipment pressure tests
  • Choke and kill manifold plus related equipment
  • BOPs and control system function tests and drawdown test
  • Drift test of BOP stack with attention to the annular BOPs
  • Reference documents used - API and applicable regulations