Crew Competency Assessments

To ensure a competent rig crew for drilling operations

Assessments to verify crew competency levels are most suitable for the drilling operations planned. It will identify gaps and opportunities for improvement - impacting operational and safety performance of the drilling contractor.

​​​​​​ModuSpec Competency Assessment scope will include a review of the following;

  • Internal and external Qualifications, with relevance to position
  • In-Company Training, validity, attendance records etc.
  • Certificates both mandatory and other
  • Experience – position related experience
  • Quality and Operations
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Maintenance and Asset Management – understanding of the systems
  • Communication skills and Leadership – informal discussion with crew members

The skills required for each position are established by reviewing various requirements such as:

  • Legal or statutory requirements
  • Experience required for relevant positions
  • Practical skills level
  • Qualifications necessary
  • Documentation related to positions
  • Reporting systems – understanding and use of such systems

Typically, assessments are conducted against criteria from a hiring guideline, job descriptions and training matrix. In addition, ModuSpec follows the IADC Knowledge, Skills & Abilities (KSA) framework.

An initial review of the Curriculum Vitae of the personnel and informal conversations will enable a review to be completed where recommendations both positive and negative can be highlighted regarding qualification, certification, experience and background.