Maintenance Management Gap Analysis

Implementing maintenance (system) improvements

ModuSpec Maintenance Management System, Maturity / Gap Analysis Assessment provides an organisation with a detailed report of their Maintenance Management System completeness, and capability against Industry Best Practices. The examines a minimum of 18 Key categories that would comprise an Industry Standard Maintenance Management System.

ModuSpec Maintenance Management System gap analysis provides an independent assessment of an organisation’s Maintenance Management System. The detailed assessments of the strengths and weaknesses of an organisations maintenance management system will provide justification for further improvements/ corrective action. It quickly highlights critical risks to an organisation and clearly indicates the completeness, and capability of an organisations current Maintenance Management System Framework against Industry Best Practices.

The assessment covers, amongst others, key categories such as:

  1. MMS System, Documents and Standards
  2. Organisation and Support
  3. Cost Control
  4. Performance Measurement
  5. Reliability
  6. Equipment Strategy Analysis
  7. Asset Life Cycle Planning
  8. Condition Based Maintenance
  9. Standard Procedures and Job Instructions
  10. Work Management System
  11. CMMS
  12. Document Management System
  13. Stores & Inventory Management
  14. Spare Parts Policy
  15. Manpower Resource
  16. Safety
  17. Environment
  18. Contractor Management

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