Preventive Maintenance and Critical Spares Review

Maintaining Rigs and Equipment to the highest standards

Inspections & Audits to verify maintenance procedures are fit for purpose and maintenance is seen as up to date. In addition, review and inspect spares deemed critical to the upcoming operation.

The integrity of equipment can only be achieved when maintenance has been properly determined, developed and implemented.

A preventitive maintenance and critical spares review is conducted as follows:

  • Review of equipment applicable for the asset installed and intended operations to ensure the review is relevant
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Use of industry standards and best practices, where applicable (with reference made to the applicable section of those standards)
  • PM tasks are clear and not subject to misinterpretation
  • Conformance and/or implementation of applicable OEM PIBs and alerts, where applicable (verify complete record keeping of those applicable OEM PIBs and Alerts, as well as proper distribution to the rig)
  • Verification of implementation and assignment of maintenance plans/task/procedures.
  • Safety considerations for carrying out the task
  • Availability of critical spares for execution of PM procedures

Additionally, ModuSpec will conduct a review of the rig’s maintenance system report to verify outstanding, deferred and/or incomplete maintenance and compare against downtime reports to identify/eliminate these being contributing factors.

Typically, ModuSpec will be accessing:

  • Rig based Planned Maintenance System
  • a copy of last inspection reports for high pressure mud pipework
  • anchor wire, chain and jewellery certification and maintenance records
  • list of recommendations from the last SPS (if applicable) and a full set of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) manuals