Commissioning Technical Support

Supporting proper functioning of newbuild rigs and equipment

Providing technical assurance to the buyers of newbuild rigs or equipment to reduce start-up costs, improve project schedules and ensure technical robustness of the rig or equipment being delivered.

ModuSpec rig and equipment experts often participate in the commissioning and final acceptance of newbuild rigs and/or drilling equipment. By doing so, it provides assurance to the buyer that the rig and equipment is fit for purpose and will work as per contract agreed in line with industry standards and best practices.

All ModuSpec technical support will be conducted in accordance with appropriate standards and regulations including where applicable:

  • API recommended practices and specifications.
  • IEC/IEE/IEEE standards.
  • The technical terms of the contract between the drilling contractor and operator.
  • OEM specifications and recommendations.
  • Applicable legislative requirements.

The depth and level of technical support can be tailored to client needs and may range from full project management and commissioning to witnessing testing or participating in the client project team as technical expert.